We're all about creating a cozy corner that supports every step of your writing voyage. Indie author looking for your followers, or voice actor stoked about narration, count on us for backup. This space is yours - from the very first word to the very last period.

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To our beloved test readers, that always seem to spark our creativity and capture our hearts.

Nycophillia Chronicals

Enter a world of vampires and other supernatural creatures that lurk in the shadows. As you explore this dark realm of steamy passion, deceitful plotting, and unrestrained lust – all carved into this tantalizing tale that will leave you yearning for more!

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Dive into an array of literary universes with the Alicis Publication family. We offer a broad spectrum of book genres, with choices like fantasy, vampire, and mafia romance available. Rest assured, we've got all your reading needs covered.

Who is K.C Daring?

K.C.D signifies a collective of authors and their joint writing endeavors by the alias of K.C Daring. A moniker initially owned by Reine Alicis, the brain behind the effort. Alicis discovered her affinity for collaborative writing. As a result, the pseudonym was revolutionized to become a collective identity for her group, allowing them to enjoy writing without seeking individual recognition. At present, Alicis continues to be the representative image of the name.

What is Alicis Publishing?

Alicis decided to expand her ventures into the world of writing by starting her own publishing house, a subsidiary of Alicis Productions. The ongoing debate between the merits of independent and traditional publishing influenced this decision.Alicis Publishing was founded with a vision to be a platform for authors, by authors, as a hybrid entity - combining the benefits of traditional resources along with the freedom associated with independent publishing.Alicis Publishing strives to function as a center for all steps of the process, spanning from the initial draft to the completed manuscript.

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Alphas are there to assist in spotting any gaps or uneven aspects in your writing. Consider them as writer-readers who'll approach your work from a professional point of view. On the same note, beta readers are similar to alphas, viewing your work with an overall perspective. However, they will read your work in a more casual manner, just as a general reader would.Are you a member of a diverse or marginalized group or faced challenging circumstances first-hand? A sensitivity reader might be the role for you. An author aiming to depict genuine characterizations in their work, might find your distinct experiences incredibly valuable. This can help them avoid mistakenly causing any offense. Not only will writers be appreciative of your input, but this could also pave the way for you to better represent your communities.You know, we don't always have incredible ideas right off the bat. Sometimes, it takes vibing with others to get the ball rolling. And that's when we stumble upon that killer metaphor or that crucial plot detail which just ties everything up neatly. Often, our test readers kindle these ideas.

Chosen Family | Unrequited Love | LGBTQ+ Rep | Sibling vs Sibling | Supernatural | Morally Gray

In the world of Princess Sephiria, blood may not always be thicker than water. When her younger half-sister Vorena and lover Julyus commit a heinous murder against her family and the royal court. Sephiria is left with only the fierce loyalty from Daemon, who was banished to the mortal realm. Despite his unrequited love for her, he remains devoted to protecting his Princess. For over a century, she endures brutal torture and abuse at the hands of Julyus, driven by his desire for vengeance against his brother Daemon. Enter a world of vampires and other supernatural creatures that lurk in the shadows. As you explore this dark realm of steamy passion, deceitful plotting, and unrestrained lust – all carved into this tantalizing tale that will leave you yearning for more!

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Embark on the thrilling journey of Rumi Lee and Lucien Cohen as they navigate through life teeming with ruthless killers, menacing mobsters, life behind bars, and an opulent lifestyle that can easily afford a dress worth 30 million dollars. “Our relationship wasn’t normal to begin with, why change now?” — Rumi to LucienAt just 15, Rumi Lee’s world fell apart when her dear brother and sole surviving family, Calix Lee, was incarcerated for life for a homicide he did not commit. 13 years on, Rumi, now known as Rumi Weston, is a successful editor-in-chief of a famous luxury lifestyle publication. With the burning desire for revenge and the determination to free her dear brother, she crosses paths with the ingenious detective, Lucien Cohen. But will the bloodstained path of her retribution lead him to uncover the truth? As they fathom the depths of their secretive existences and uncover concealed truths, Rumi and Lucien find themselves entwined in an intricate web of Dangerous Games.

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Embark on the thrilling journey of

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Arc Readers

Hello bookworms, guess what? There's truth to the saying, “the best things in life are free.” Like how about free books? Yep, you read it right - FREE BOOKS! Welcome to the world of Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs).So, what exactly are ARCs? Basically, these are copies of books that haven't been published yet. Authors and publishers give them away for free in return for honest reviews. Sounds cool, right?
Why ARCs, you ask? Apart from the obvious perk of handing out free reads, there are other benefits stacked up for the authors and publishers too. Giving out ARCs sparks reviews and ratings that they can use in their marketing campaigns. Moreover, it helps creating a buzz, a sense of anticipation even before the book hits the shelves.
For readers like us? Well, come on, apart from getting free books (we really can't emphasize that enough), it also helps expand our reviewing platforms. It doesn't matter whether you're into old school book review blogs or you're a BookTok pro– ARCs can be your chance to expand your reach.

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Take the leap of courage and join us on a monumental journey! Prepare to be gripped by a tale that throbs with heartache, pulses with vengeance, and wraps you in an emotional whirlwind. The narrative's enchanting music weaves through it, tracing the life of its characters. Be a part of this immersive experience, where every note tells a story!